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Tablet prices drop significantly over the past year

Tablet fans can now get their hands on the latest devices for less as figures from price comparison site Idealo show that, excluding the iPad, tablet prices have dived by 13.6% over the year.

Even the mighty iPad has had a marginal dip in its asking price, dropping by 3.45% over the last 12 months.

The drop in prices can be attributed to the fact that tablet makers need to keep prices competitive in order to vie for attention from the iPad, which occupies around 70% of the market according to sales figures from the second quarter. Gerry Xu, an IMS market analyst said:

“There are few innovations from vendors to differentiate their tablets; low price seems to be the major factor to attract consumers to buy tablets other than iPads,”

Which tablets saw the biggest fall?

Examining spring price falls, Archos tablets saw the biggest decline in average prices, decreasing by a whopping 27.2% between February and June.

We haven’t heard of Archos tablets either, but they weren’t the only ones to see a pretty decent price drop this year.

During this period average prices for Samsung, Asus and Archos fell by 17.5% from €455.02 to €375.37. Again this dip was less dramatic for the Apple iPad, falling by 4.5%.

Some of the key drivers behind this include a post-Christmas price fall between February and March, as well as a whole load of new entrants to the market.

More tablets in the market

The launch of the third iPad in March may have contributed to the fact that $100 was knocked off the iPad 2 price tag.

Analyst Salman Chaudry has said that the figures demonstrated that a focus on features , rather than price, is what helps to determine the success of a tablet.

“At the moment in the industry, a number of vendors have made a concerted effort to be more dominant in tablets, because they’re going for visibility, not because they’re making a profit,”

“These tablets are completely based on average selling price rather than features. That’s why Asus and Samsung are doing a lot better – because they are focusing on features, not price.”

Post-Christmas seems the ideal time for tablet fans to bag a bargain; if they can bear to hold out for the latest innovations that is.

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