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T-Mobile, Google Chrome, John Lewis… YouTube’s top ads for 2011

From a fake royal wedding to a charming Christmas tale, YouTube has revealed the most-watched adverts on the video sharing website this year.

With over 48 hours of footage uploaded to YouTube every single minute, companies have to do something a little bit special to get noticed.

Ads for all kinds of things made the top 10, here is our pick of the best.

The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

We’ve all seen the videos of people doing something a bit different for their wedding, with one of the most popular featuring a choreographed wedding ceremony.

T-Mobile, in a genius move, replicated that video in the run up to the royal wedding. Using lookalikes and a home-video shooting style, they raked up a whopping 24 million views this year, eclipsing any other ad out there.

John Lewis Christmas

Despite only being released in the run-up to Christmas, this hugely popular ad has already broken into the top 10 with over three million views.

Telling the story of a boy who can’t wait for Christmas Day so he can give his parents a present, this ad struck a chord with people everywhere.

Google Chrome

They say for an ad to be a success on YouTube, it needs to tell a story. And no one does this better than Google Chrome.

The ad tells the story of Jamal, showing how he used the internet to turn his filmmaking hobby into a business and become one of the UK’s youngest entrepreneurs.


This ad was fairly hard to come by on TV, but was a hit on the web with over one million views. Featuring a cover of Wherever You Will Go by The Calling and some beautiful animation, this ad is a far cry from the awful Stephen Fry commercials we have come to associate with Twinings.

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