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Supersonic Sony Launch New Range of PC Speakers

Sony have introduced a brand new range of speakers for PC users, claiming to recognise the different demands from customers when it comes to audio quality.

Not one, not two but three new models of PC speakers have been designed to suit the every need of every PC lover.  The new models mean more flexibility, more power and more choice over which PC speakers fit your demands best.

The SRS-A3 model joins the SRS A family of compact and diverse speakers. For gaming and video lovers, there are two new speakers to try out; the SRS –D4 and SRS-D5. These powerful PC speakers slot into the expanding SRS D range

The new SRS A3 model has been carefully engineered by the clever folk at Sony to create a punchy bass without a sub-woofer. The cabinets are tilted at exact right angles to enhance audio quality.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you of the detailed work going on here, the PC speakers also feature an integrated digital amplifier for higher efficiency and lower power consumption playing out at 5w.

What about a Sub-Woofer?

However if you want to really feel the power of the beat, the SRS D Series add  that extra special oomph – ideal for computer gaming and watching videos.  The SRS-D4 is an entry level product in the D Series, it benefits from an output of 27w with a large impact but compact sub-woofer.

The SRS-D5 is larger than the new D4 and also features a whopping sub-woofer with a specially designed medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) so that the sound quality doesn’t get muffled or lost if the sub is placed on the floor.

All of the new speakers have a sleek and stylish black finish and AC power supply. Only the SRS-D5 has a headphone output.