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Super Mario Bros 2 – What does the new trailer tell us?

Gaming giant Nintendo has caused a stir in the tech world this week, but this time for all the right reasons.

No, it’s not another ‘industry expert’ sounding the death knell for the manufacturer, nor is it some more rumours about the Wii U’s supposedly terrible specs.

This time around, it’s about Nintendo doing what it does best – creating addictive, timeless and endearingly fun games.

We’re talking, of course, about Super Mario Bros 2 on the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. The trailer for this typically colourful game has just been unveiled ahead of its release on 19 August. So what does the trailer tell us?

Super Mario Bros 2

As trailers for upcoming titles go, this one is pretty detailed. You won’t find any vague wide-angle shots or teasing glimpses of a character here, oh no.

Instead, Nintendo shows us just what to expect, with plenty of levels, obstacles, baddies and, of course, lots and lots of gold coins.

There is little in the way of surprise with this title, especially compared to its Nintendo DS predecessor from 2006.

There does appear to be some great little changes though, and if Nintendo changed the game too much it would have a million-strong army of disgruntled fanboys to contend with.

New features on Super Mario Bros 2

One of the most obvious new features from the trailer is what seems to be a ‘Gold Mode’, where almost everything turns into a vibrant gold.

It lasts just for a limited time, but we’re sure there will be ample opportunity for collecting as many gold coins as you can.

There’s nothing alluding to it in the trailer, but it was revealed recently that Super Mario Bros 2 will feature two-player co-operative gameplay.

One player will control Mario, while the other will control Luigi in what could be a wonderful way to play this timeless classic. We’re getting a 3DS XL just to give it a try!

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