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Super Awesome Awesome Awesomeness

Solar powered handbag

Solar powered handbag from diffus. How awesome an idea is this, charge you mp3 player, phone, whatever on the go, your tec never needs to leave the bag! Now if only they had a man bag version.

Amazing pictures from google street view

This blog has put together some of the more interesting shots from google’s street view from around the world, makes you feel like a world wondering spy, defiantly worth a look see! by Jon Rafman

Super Awesome Mario!

I can’t really think of any other platform game more awesome than the brilliance of Mario. The franchise has been dominating the games industry for pretty much the entirety of my life, and i like to think he’s gone a little way in bringing me up. His new game comes out on the eye bending 3DS continues his reign this time in glorious 3D.

Recontextualizing the common pixel

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty is an interactive lighting installation designed to reveal the materiality of computation by recontextualizing the common pixel. I’m not entirely sure what that means but ohhhh pretty colours.

Extra bonus awesomenessness!

I just included this because it’s awesome, get down with your bad self!

Goldfish – We Come Together (OFFICIAL) from Goldfish live on Vimeo.