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A glimpse of farming in the future, soil-less!

Showcased at tedxtokyo by medical bio expert Dr Yuichi Mori, a cool new agricultural system called Imec which allows crops to grow in practically any environment, even space.

Google Droid 3D Zoetrope

3D Google Droid Zoetrope built by Gary & Danny Aden. This 2 ft diameter 3D zoetrope uses 60 droids and stop motion animation to produce live animation.

Dead Island Teaser “Part 1: Tragedy Hits Paradise”

New trailer from up n’ coming zombie game. Set on a gorgeous tropical island overrun by zombies. Looking forward to this one :D .


clever corn de-corner thing, handy, link

Melty lights

Pretty cool unusual lights created to look like their melting, as well as a few others that are just plain awesome, from demilked link.

Baseball cards get the hi-tec treatment

No longer resigned to basic images and text the next generation will contain video, sounds and super atomic holographic killing robots, ok maybe not the last one, but they will have USB ports. Link

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