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Stylish Camera with Bundles of Features at an Affordable Price


Rating: ★★★☆☆


The Fujifilm FinePix JX360 is a lightweight, simple point and shoot digital camera with several additional features, available in Pink, Black and Silver.

The JX360 comes with a large, bright LCD display, making it nice and easy to compose your photos.

The on/off button is frustratingly small and even though I have small hands and fingers, I found this annoyingly difficult to operate. However, navigating through the menu was extremely simple to follow, which is great if you are wanting to find a desired mode in a hurry.


For a fairly budget camera, it has an impressive 16 megapixel high resolution sensor, a 5x optical zoom as well as full 1080p HD image and 720p HD video capturing capabilities.

It has a brilliant 21 pre-programmed scene modes, allowing you to choose the appropriate one for any given situation. These include the bulk standard presets such as Portrait, Landscape, Night and Macro modes.

Looking at it’s features, I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of focusing although I did find during video mode, this was a little hit and miss.

Added features include face detection, blink detection and smile and shoot. These are meant to optimise your portraits by identifying faces, adjusting the settings for the best results as well as warning you when people are blinking to enable you to retake your shot. The smile and shoot mode is meant to automatically releases the shutter when the smile appears. However, when testing out these three features, I didn’t find them overly reliable, often providing blurred images.

The Flower setting which is designed to take more vivid shots of flowers, didn’t allow me to get as close as I would have hoped. I wanted to get up as close as possible to pick up details such as veins in the petals but couldn’t, so I didn’t feel this was an overly impressive function.

Motion Panorama lets you take panoramic photos extremely easily. The camera automatically stitches together three consecutive shots, with simple in-frame guidance to ensure your images are perfectly aligned. The resulting image is then saved to the memory card. This option proved very successful and was extremely easy to do.

The “Natural and flash” option which is meant to take two shots continuously, with and without a flash, to help give you the perfect portrait, took too long to take the second photo with the flash. This meant my subject had moved by the time it took the second image, which was a little frustrating.

The baby mode which is aimed at natural skin tone without the use of flash made my baby portraits appear soft and even slightly out of focus in post editing.

Editing & Uploading

Some surprising additions to the JX360, are the built in photo edit facility and the option to upload your images via your PC to your favourite sites. You can also create your own photo-books then order online for printing. These aren’t features I would normally expect to find on a budget camera such as this.

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  • Cheap
  • Easy to navigate modes
  • Lots of features
  • Panaramic setting really effective


  • focusing not always reliable
  • flower setting wont let you get that close
  • On/off button too small


I found this a stylish little snapper that’s well designed for someone who’s looking for an all-rounder pocket sized camera with bundles of features with a small price tag.  However, I would have prefered it if the on/off button was larger and I wouldn’t expect to get amazing quality photos but good quality image keepsakes instead.

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