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Stop Washing Up says Zanussi

Italian white goods company Zanussi have launched a new campaign urging the British public to stop washing up.

The jazzy campaign has been designed to target all those who feel tied to the sink. According to research conducted by Zanussi, a quarter of people would rather do anything other than wash up by hand. The campaign to raise dishwasher awareness has a happy ending where a member of the public can win their very own Zanussi dishwasher!

Entering the online competition involves filling in a form and finishing the sentence, “I want to stop washing up because….” in just 15 words. The funniest and most original answer each week will win a prize pack. The ultimate winner will receive a dishwasher and a 6 month’s supply of Finish Quantum detergent.

The dishwasher you can win depends on what you want. Zanussi offer economical washers with A rated wash performances, tiny washers for tiny kitchens, a touch of class and style with a Tempoline dishwasher and full size machines for large families.

The clever and funny little campaign has rounded up a few members of the public to demonstrate the absolute need for a dishwasher. They gave traditional sink users a dishwasher and asked them to record a video diary of how it changed their lives. Not a spiritual awakening, not going to war, nope this is all about how a dishwasher can change lives. If you want to watch these entertaining videos you can see them here.

Zanussi have turned their hands to social media too and of course like any respectable campaign, can be found on Facebook and Twitter

As well as video bloggers, Zanussi have also received glowing support from TV’s strictest cleaner Kim Woodburn who presents How Clean is you House

Couples and housemates across the land have all felt the powerful irritation of having to do the washing up as 58 per cent of couples admit that they have argued over washing up by hand. People who wash up by hand were found to spend more than one week per year at the sink, proving even more reason to get your hands on a free dishwasher.

All Zanussi dishwashers have low water consumption and are A rated for energy making them very eco friendly.