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Steve Jobs: What Is Being Said Two Months On

The passing of Apple visionary Steve Jobs rocked the tech world last month. His impact on the world of technology, and indeed on entertainment and modern culture in general, was huge.

So it is a fitting testament to his enduring legacy that people are still talking about the Apple boss, with his name still trending worldwide. Nearly two months after Jobs’ passing, what is being said about him?

Political influence

Jobs met US President Barack Obama twice in the past two years, and he was not short on opinions for the leader of the free world. In a new biography of Jobs, author Walter Isaacson writes that, on his first meeting with Obama in 2010, Jobs bluntly told the president: “You’re headed for a one-term presidency.”

In the following meeting, Jobs stressed the need for more trained engineers in the US, telling Obama that Apple had a factory in China because it needed 30,000 engineers – something America could not provide.

Hollywood makeover

Rumours are circulating that a film of Steve Jobs’ life is already taking shape, with Sony picking up the rights to make a biopic. It looks as though George Clooney is in the frame to play Jobs, with ER star Noah Wyle also a possibility.

The project is still in the very early stages, but Aaron Sorkin, writer of The Social Network, is rumoured to have been contacted over a script, with filming due to start next year.

Opposition to iPhone 5 size

The iPhone 5, to be released next year, may fly in the face of Jobs’ wishes when it comes to design. The iPhone 4S teardrop design could be going out the window, with the iPhone 5 getting a completely new look, namely a bigger screen and longer body.

Jobs refused to upgrade to a bigger screen, saying it would fragment the iOS system. But all that is rumoured to change. The iPhone 5 may have a four inch screen, to match its Android competitors, and grow 8mm in length.