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Steve Jobs, Siri, iPhone 4S… moments that defined Apple in 2011

2011 has been an eventful year, to say the least. We’ve had the start of wars, the end of wars, the death of a terrorist, and some tragic natural disasters.

The tech world has been no different. We have had tragedy, comedy, some great new gadgets and some fierce competition.

And it has been a big year for Apple. The tech giant has faced competition in the tablet market, a backlash over a lack of an iPhone 5, and of course the ongoing patent battle with pretty much everyone. Here is our pick of the top moments that have defined Apple’s year.

No iPhone 5

The world held its breath for the release of Apple’s latest smartphone back in October. A simple search of the iPhone 5 on our website shows how excited we were.

But Apple did such a good job keeping things under wraps that no one was prepared for what came next. Instead of a brand new iPhone 5, we instead got the iPhone 4S – basically an iPhone 4 with a few extra bits

It was hardly worth getting excited about, but that didn’t stop Apple’s loyal customers flocking to get their hands on one.

Hello Siri

But the iPhone 4S did have one redeeming feature, in the form of voice recognition software Siri. Siri lets users send messages, search for things and make calls just by asking.

But we weren’t interested in all that, we just wanted to see what responses we got life’s most pressing questions – what is the meaning of life? Where can I hide a body? And what’s your favourite colour?

Steve Jobs passes away

The world mourned the passing of Apple CEO and tech visionary Steve Jobs in October this year, with tributes flooding in from politicians, world leaders, and even his tech rivals.

He was a great mind that will be sorely missed, and the world is now watching to see how Apple copes without Jobs at its helm.

Apple vs Google, Samsung, HTC and Motorola

The ongoing squabbles over who owns the intellectual property rights to various pieces of technology has not helped Apple’s image this year.

The court battles look set to spill over into 2012, with no one wanting to give up the fight. Samsung want the iPhone banned, Motorola want all Apple’s products banned, and Apple wanted everyone else devices banned. Who’ll win? Watch this space…