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Stephen Fry comes to TomTom

National treasure and self-proclaimed know-it-all Stephen Fry has become the latest celebrity to lend his voice to TomTom sat nav devices.

Fry’s Oxbridge diction and calming tone are set to be a huge hit with sat nav users. After all, who could get stressed out when the QI quizmaster is gently giving instructions in that quintessentially British way.

Fry’s voice can be downloaded from for £7.95. For this bargain price you can get such direction gems as ‘So, let’s see now, after 300 yards turn left then go straight on.  This is going awfully well isn’t it?’, and ‘Now when possible, could you turn around.  Ideally don’t do it when impossible. Bless!’

It sounds like driving heaven, but what other celebrity voices are out there to make that daily drive to work a little more entertaining? Here is our pick of the best TomTom voices.

John Cleese

The former python and Fawlty Towers legend John Cleese has also lent his highly-educated voice to the TomTom list.

Perhaps a little more stressful than Fry’s dulcet tones, Cleese’s highly-strung, slightly panicked voice might not help your morning commute, but is still very entertaining.

Our favourite line has got to be ‘right! You’ve reached your destination, but don’t expect me to get out and carry your bags.’

Homer Simpson

The yellow father-of-three that we all know and love was the first celebrity voice to come to the iPhone TomTom app.

Featuring great lines like ‘make a u-turn. Ha ha, you’ve goofed’ and of course the world-famous catchphrase ‘D’oh!’. Homer’s voice is available for £3.49 on the app store.

The film-trailer guy

Want to give your drive a Hollywood makeover? Well you are in luck – the man behind such film trailer lines as ‘in a world where…’ has lent his deep, dramatic voice to the sat nav voice range.