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Steaming Ahead


Rating: ★★★★★

I suppose the best place to start is by describing the terrain for this task. The challenge was 70sq metres of laminate and tiled floors, which means a lot of cleaning and potential backache. This product is remarkably easy to set up, it is even man-proof in that it can be done without reading the instructions. It took less than 30 seconds to set up. The only thing that was left to do was press play on the Lady Gaga CD and fill up the water tank which was a doddle due to a large screw cap and an easy pour measuring jug.

After switching the product on, it took seconds for the product to heat up and be ready for steaming. I love the fact that the water tank changes colour from red to blue to tell you when it’s ready for steaming.

So off I go, steaming away and I am nothing but impressed with this product. The flexible head was brilliant for navigating the usual living room obstacle course (sofa, table legs plant pots). This meant that I saved lots of time by moving around less furniture.

The autoselect technology, which in a nutshell changes the amount of steam released depending on what floor surface you select, was easy to use. It also meant that I was not pumping out unnecessary amount of steam which mean the floors weren’t soaked and neither was my forehead.

This product performed really well in cleaning the floor, the only thing that defeated it was the remnants of some chewing gum that must have been stuck to somebody’s shoe. It would have been great if the product had come with a scrubbing tool for such tasks rather than using my fingernail.

Once I had finished the floorpad was filthy, it has a little tab so you can remove it without using your hands. It would have been great if they included a spare pad, but this was not the case and unnecessary as one pad was sufficient for this cleaning chore. However after a cycle in the washing machine it will be ready for its next cleaning adventure.

There was also a resting pad that you can put the product on after use, which was good if you want to remove the dirty pad later. It also had a carpet tool, however I am 100% hard floors so I was unable to test this.

This is arguably one of the best electrical products I have used in a longtime, mainly due to how easy it made my housework. I would definatley recommend this product to anyone with hard floors.


  • Great at removing dirt from hard floors
  • Easy to steer around living room obstacles
  • Adjustable steam setting so no soaking floors
  • Fast heat up time


  • No extra pad
  • No scrubbing tool


A key part to any Domestic God or Goddess’s weaponry who has hard floors

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