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Steam Dishwashers – Are They Effective?

Do you find that your current dishwasher is not as effective at removing that burnt on food from pots as if washed by hand?

Do you remove plates from your dishwasher only to find last night’s dinner still attached? Well if you do, it might be worth considering a steam dishwasher. They work by introducing steam into selected programmes in order to soften up the perpetrating burnt on food so that the normal wash can remove it more easily. Just like a sauna opens up your pores, steam in washing machines and dishwashers acts in a way to penetrate the soiling in order to disperse it more effectively.

Whirlpool have been making steam dishwashers for a couple of years now and their ADP7955SL model not only uses steam to help remove the food but by selecting PowerClean Max as part of the cycle, it releases 24 high powered jets onto the pots and pans, in addition to the standard spray arms, to ensure that theur is no hiding place for any residual food.

No Need To Pre-Wash Your Dishes

And new to the market this year are two steam dishwashers from LG, the D1454TF and D1454BF which like the Whirlpool model, totally eradicates the need to pre-wash any pots or dishes with burnt on food. As well as delivering a great cleaning performance, the LG dishwashers benefit from A++ energy efficiency, through not just their steam technology but due to the inverter direct drive motor similar to that found in their washing machines.

So if you are looking for a dishwasher that will clean even the toughest dried or burnt on food, then it is worth considering a steam dishwasher.

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