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Star Wars, Mass Effect 3, Pixar… top Kinect games this year

Kinect, Microsoft’s motion sensor technology for the Xbox 360, has given gaming a whole new dimension.

As Microsoft never tires of telling us in its adverts, you are the controller. It was certainly an exciting new way to play when it was unveiled back in 2010.

Kinect has been hugely successful, more so than Microsoft could have ever dreamed, but many of the titles simply don’t make the most of the technology.

But this year looks set to be a bit different, with a number of exciting new titles that should leave both casual and hardcore gamers satisfied.

Kinect Star Wars

We got a look at a Star Wars demo when the Kinect was first launched. It was disappointing to say the least. Problems with the game ranged from slow responsiveness to boring, one dimensional lightsaber fights.

You’d have thought that lightsaber battles would lend themselves perfectly to the motion sensor technology, but it simply didn’t work. So no one was really surprised when it didn’t see the light of day.

But a release date of April is now on the cards, which indicates that the problems have been smoothed out. So we could finally get to wield a lightsaber and harness the force in a matter of months.

Mass Effect 3

Developers Bioware have announced that a demo version of Mass Effect 3 will be available from next month.

While this won’t be an exclusively Kinect game, Mass Effect 3’s use of the Kinect’s voice command software works superbly and really engages players with the game.

Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure

This one is definitely for the more casual gamer out there. But like Mass Effect 3, the Kinect technology really draws you in.

And in this case it literally draws you in, as you can use the KinectScan to create an avatar for yourself and become a Disney Pixar character.

Exploring five different Pixar worlds, such as those of The Incredibles, Toy Story and Ratatouille, this title will involve the usual puzzle solving and minigame adventures.