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Spotify to launch web browser-based version according to reports

According to an article published on TechCrunch, multiple sources claim that music streaming service Spotify are readying a web browser-based version.

Although details are sparse, it’s thought that social interaction is the driving force behind the new direction with the focus on users being able to ‘follow’ each other, create and view ‘listening habits’ and even have people you follow influence your own playlists.

Spotify will also hope that removing the download step (necessary with desktop and mobile apps) will encourage more users to subscribe.

Matching the competition

The move onto a browser-based application means that Spotify will be able to directly compete with Rdio and Pandora. And with an already healthy user base of 10 million subscribers, 4 million paid subscribers across 415 countries plus support from the record labels, Spotify looks set to continue its music streaming domination.

According to a TechCruch source, pricing may also be changing as more and more users connect via smartphones and tablets.

One theory is that Spotify will be looking at a cheaper option of around $8 a month for ad-free and mobile services. Existing subscribers paying $5 for non-mobile could then be offered an “upgrade to mobile for $3 a month” deal.

It’s not clear weather the new browser-based version of Spotify will directly replace the desktop version or incorporate it. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear more!

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