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Spotify app for iPad – what you need to know

Music streaming service Spotify is continuing its attempt at world domination with an iPad app, which was launched earlier this week.

A Spotify app specifically for iPad has been a long time coming. Until the app was launched, those who paid for the premium service were forced to use the iPhone version.

While most users simply made do, Spotify was keen to launch a dedicated tablet version to make use of the new iPad’s retina display.

So what do you need to know about the new app, and how does it compare with Spotify’s previous forays into the mobile world?

Spotify making the most of iPad

The app can be used on all generations of the iPad, but Spotify clearly had the latest version in mind when it created the new service.

The app has been packed with high-resolution graphics, as well as a new ‘Now Playing’ full-screen view with vibrant, high-res cover art.

Early reviews of the app have been positive overall, with praise for the easy navigation and smart graphics. Spotify has been careful not to fix what wasn’t broken, and has kept the iPad version close to the original iPhone version.

Spotify for iPad celebrity endorsement

Upcoming musician Labrinth, of dropping bombs on earthquakes fame, was on hand to launch the new service with Spotify.

“My iPad’s always with me on the road so being able to access whatever music I’m feeling right at that moment – either classic or fresh tracks – and then share those with my fans is a big deal,” he said.

“As an artist I love the way my music is presented so slickly. Artwork is really important to me, and in Spotify’s iPad app it’s like it’s popping off the screen.”

Spotify now has more than ten million users worldwide, with three million of them paying for the pleasure. And with this decent app, its world domination is on track.

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