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Sounds and Light Show with the BT Baby Monitor and Pacifier

BT Digital Baby Monitor with Pacifier

Rating: ★★★★★

Setting Up

I tried and tested the Baby Monitor and Pacifier from BT.

It was extremely simple to plug in, set up and very straightforward to use, I didn’t even have to bother reading any instruction manuals before I got started. I bet you’re impressed already!


My first thoughts when removing the units from the packaging was the sleek and eye catching design. The ball shaped mains unit not only looks great but also acts like a Gro-egg night light so you can safely monitor the baby’s room temperature.

The function buttons are well placed on top of the unit, so you don’t have to fumble around in the dark trying to find the one you need.

There’s an impressive range of options included such as a gorgeous light show, a choice of soothing 19 lullabies and classical tunes as well as an option to plug in your own mp3 player. I really liked this last option as I could plug in my ipod and play my personal choice of music to my baby.

A plus and minus button are also found on the parent unit so you have full control of the volume to suit you and your baby’s needs.  The light show is fairly simplistic but the overall effect is a slow fading image that spans across the ceiling, which sent my sleepy baby into a soothing trance.

The sound is incredible and provided a clear pitch without much static feedback.

The night light was gentle enough not to disturb my little one but provided enough illumination to guide me around the room.

The smart built in temperature gauge alerts you if the room gets too hot or cold, by changing colour from blue (too cold) to red (too hot) backed up by a digital reading on the parent unit. A reassuraning feature as keeping the room at the correct temperature is really important for the safety of the baby.

The two way talk option is great. It allowed me to reassure my baby without having to enter the room and the option to control fully from the handset is a fantastic idea.

The parent hand held unit is smart and easy to control. The digital display tells you the name of the lullaby playing, along with the temperature reading at all times and the battery life left on your unit. It alerts you with a beeping sound if the units are not linked as well as a message displayed on the screen to inform you if this is the case.

It comes complete with a built in torch which beams a bright light as well as belt clip for hands free monitoring. A neat option if like me, you’re always running around the house and keep forgetting where you left the monitor!

The sensitivity adjuster is a great way to pick up louder noises alone, i.e. if you baby cries, as opposed to every single sound such as your baby breathing and moving around the cot.

A built in timer is also an option so you can set reminders for feeding times for example. The vibration alert is a great idea too, if like me, you have other children but don’t want to disturb them with sound alerts.

The range on this monitor is pretty impressive covering up to 300m outside and 50m inside.


If you are going away for the weekend and want to take the monitor with you, the purple pouch travel bag that’s also included is extremely handy to keep it all neatly together.

They really have thought of everything!


  • good choice of music options
  • lovely light show
  • timer
  • Impressive range of features


  • none


A fantastic baby monitor that really has everything you need from a gorgeous light show, huge range of music, talk back options, temperature gauge and a travel bag.

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