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Sony’s PS Vita struggling to sell

Sony’s latest handheld console, the Playstation Vita, has suffered a huge drop in sales in its second week in Japan.

Released in Japan two weeks ago, the PS Vita is Sony’s bid to launch some serious competition to the Nintendo 3DS.

Initial sales of the Vita looked good, although slightly below Sony’s predictions, but the initial excitement has worn off and sales have dropped heavily.

Following a frenzied media campaign and advertising strategy in Japan, there was the usual queuing through the night and mad dash to buy a Vita amongst Japanese shoppers when the console was released two weeks ago.

But this is to be expected with any new release in Japan, where the next new product is always the most popular. Whether it sustains that popularity is an entirely different matter.

Encouraging initial sales of PS Vita

In its first two days on sale in Japan, the Vita sold just over 300,000 units. Not a huge figure, but only slightly below Sony’s predictions.

The Nintendo 3DS sold over 370,000 when it was first released in Japan and Sony were hoping to beat this record, given that 3DS sales slowed when the console was released worldwide.

And if the two-day sales were slightly disappointing, the Vita’s second-week sales are verging on the catastrophic.

Big drop in sales for the PS Vita

Sony has only managed to shift just over 72,000 consoles in its second week – a 78% drop on its launch.

Sony will be even more disappointed that the Vita has failed to sell more than the original PSP, which sold more than 100,000 in the same seven days when it was released.

The Nintendo 3DS managed around 200,000 sales in its second week, and is still selling well – boosted by new titles like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario Land 3D.

So Sony are right to be concerned, and will be hoping that the PS Vita’s worldwide release early next year will get the console back on track.