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Sony Xperia Sola – the Pepper’s real name

What is it with Sony at the moment? It seems like almost every day the Japanese tech giant is launching another smartphone of some sort.

The revamped Xperia range was unveiled earlier this year, with the very impressive Xperia S making an appearance at CES in January.

Then MWC gave us another couple of slightly lower-spec versions to sit in the mid and low end of the price range.

You’d have thought that three smartphones would have been enough for Sony to be getting on with, especially as the Xperia S is currently the only device on sale at the moment.

But Sony is far from finished with phones for this year. Yesterday, we brought you a look at the Xperia Pepper, leaked images of which have started doing the rounds on the web.

Sony Xperia Sola

Well, it seems that Sony has decided to give the Pepper an official launch. It’s ditched the odd working title in favour of the Sony Xperia Sola.

It seems that the majority of specs predictions were fairly accurate – the Sola is a mid-level smartphone with some half-decent specs.

Featuring a 1GHz processor, 5GB of internal memory, and a 5MP camera – delivering 720p video recording – the Sola is not to be sniffed at.

One fairly big letdown is the battery – a dismal 1320mAh offering that you’ll find yourself constantly charging if you’re a heavy user.

We are also set to only get Android Gingerbread on the Sola, although Sony has promised us an ICS upgrade in the summer.

Floating touch technology for Xperia Sola

But the Sola does come with one very cool feature, that we’re sure will have people flocking to give it a try. The Sola is the first Sony handset to come with the company’s floating touch technology.

This space-age innovation lets you browse the internet by hovering your finger above the screen. When you want to click on a link, simply tap the screen.

It’s a pretty interesting innovation, if slightly gimmicky, and one we’re sure to see more of in the future. But one thing’s for sure, we’ll be dying to try it out when the Sola is released in the coming months.