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Sony Xperia P vs Sony Xperia U – which one should you go for?

They are the smartphones taking Mobile World Congress by storm, and are set to put Sony back on the mobile map.

The Xperia U and the Xperia P are Sony’s follow-ups to the Xperia S that was announced at CES last month, and look like being a great couple of additions to the series.

The two phones are geared towards different parts of the market (in terms of price anyway), and as such have slightly different specs.

They are both due for release in early spring, but which one should you go for? It is a tricky decision, but we’re here to help.

Sony Xperia U

This is set to be Sony’s cheapest handset in the Xperia series, so if you feel you can sacrifice some specs for a lower price then this’ll be the device for you.

Having said that, the Xperia U is by no means a poor quality phone. The smaller of the two, this phone has a 3.5 inch FWVGA Reality touchscreen and 5MP camera delivering 1080p video.

Under the bonnet the Xperia U features a dual-core 1GHz processor, as well as 512MB of RAM. It currently runs Android Gingerbread, but we’re promised an upgrade to ICS in the near future.

Sony Xperia P

Despite being the pricier of the two models, the Xperia P is still set to be cheaper than the Xperia S. Coming in firmly at the mid-level price range; the Xperia P’s specs are again very decent.

As you might expect, the Xperia P’s specs are better than the U’s. So if you don’t mind paying a bit extra for a more powerful phone, this is the one for you.

Like the U, the Xperia P is only running Android Gingerbread, but that shouldn’t put you off. A larger model, the Xperia P has a 4-inch qHD touchscreen with ‘White Magic’ technology to make it usable in any kind of light.

Inside there’s a 1GHz dual-core NovaThor processor, 1GB of RAM, and an 8MP camera with 1080p video. Sony has also included NFC – something that will become more relevant as time goes on.