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Sony Tablet S Review

Sony Tablet S 16GB SGPT111GB

Rating: ★★★½☆

Sony’s Tablet S is Sony’s first entry into the Tablet market boasts a 9.4inch screen, 16 or 32 GB storage, wi-fi & optional 3G and runs Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) as it’s operating system.

Design & feel

The first thing i noticed after taking it out the box was the shape…

Rather than go ultra thin like the rest of the market seem to be trying, Sony have opted for a “wedge” shape that was easy to hold and made typing feel very comfortable, overall first impressions of the design were excellent.

Features & performance

The Sony Tablet S has 2 camera’s, a 5 MP main camera and a front mounted VGA. Although performance was acceptable, i felt pictures were a little grainy with slightly dull colours and would say i have seen better quality from some smart phones, although video did seem very smooth.

Sony have opted for a full SD Card slot which allows quick transfer from most camera’s straight to the tablet, but lacks an HDMI slot and in its place has DLNA streaming which apparently allows compatible devices such as PS3 and some newer T.V’s to stream directly, although unfortunately I was unable to test this.

One of the unique selling points for the Tablet S was the Infra Red Remote. This built-in application can control other devices around the house such as TV and Hi-Fi.

I did have a play with this albeit for a limited amount of time, but it did seem on the fiddly side to get fully operational which was disappointing considering this was a big function to make it stand out from the other tablets on the market, although Tablet S does include a micro USB port not found on other tablets, the cable is not included when purchased.

The touch screen was good, very clear and browsing the internet seemed pretty straightforward.


  • Infra Red Remote (if have time to set up)
  • USB Port


  • Price
  • Camera average
  • USB Cable not included!


Has the potential to be a fantastic all round Tablet although personally when paying this amount of money i would still opt for Apple’s iPad.

The Sony Tablet S will definitely give other tablets a run for their money, and will especially appeal to Android lovers but in my opinion would have to be priced considerably lower than the iPad to bite into Apple’s market share.

Retail prices from £349 (16GB), £429 (32GB) & £449 (16GB+3G) at time of writing.

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