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Sony Tablet P gets Android ICS upgrade – but is it any good?

Following a delayed launch, Sony’s Tablet P has finally been given the upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich – but is it actually any good?

The computer tablet, which features an innovative dual-screen display, utilises the latest version of Google’s operating system to enhance usability and propel the device into direct competition with Apple’s iPad models.

Sony Tablet P Small Apps

One feature of the Sony Tablet P which has got everyone talking, the addition of Small Apps gives the device something a little different.

The system allows users to use miniature versions of popular applications on the device, meaning that multiple windows can be accessed without owners having to return to the home screen each time.

Sony Tablet P ICS Update

This means that you can open a browser window or use the device’s on-board calculator while opening supported apps – operating in a similar capacity to the Dashboard found on Apple iPads and computers.

On top of this, the camera can be operated without unlocking the screen – helping snap-happy users to get take photos with greater speed and precision. Another new addition allows you to change your view of browsers from mobile versions to desktop versions through one simple click.

ICS upgrade too late?

While the credentials of Sony’s P Tablet are indisputably impressive, the delayed upgrade to ICS could be seen as a huge disadvantage – especially when you consider the next Android operating system is rumoured for release in the near future.

Dubbed ‘Jellybean’, the introduction of this system would mean another round of updates for owners of Android devices – something which could impair operating functions and features.

Sony’s smaller tablet, the Sony Tablet S, only received the ICS update recently, meaning that users of these devices could find themselves feeling out of date all too quickly.

Whatever the outcome, the fact remains that this is still an impressive piece of kit, and the ICS upgrade certainly isn’t going to damage sales.

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