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Sony Smart Extras for Xperia – What You Need to Know

The Sony Xperia S finally went on sale in the UK this week, after much hype and marketing surrounding this exciting smartphone.

Sony has struggled in the smartphone arena in the past couple of years, unable to compete with the likes of Samsung, HTC, and of course Apple.

Sony displayed the Xperia S at CES at the start of the year, then again at MWC last month, and had reviewers going weak at the knees.

Having ditched the Eriksson name, Sony is going it alone with the Xperia range – releasing three phones to cater for every budget.

And it is the Xperia S that sits at the top of the pile, with some very decent specs, cool features, and a great look.

But will it be enough to convince the masses to go out and buy one? Sony is certainly hoping so, but has launched its range of Smart Extras just in case. So what are Smart Extras?

On display at MWC last month, Smart Extras are a range of features and accessories that Sony will be rolling out across its Xperia range in the coming months.


SmartTags, or variations of it, are something we’ll be seeing a lot of in the future. They use NFC to carry out tasks on your phone.

So you’ll be able to set up tags in certain locations that will prompt your phone to carry out a task, such as setting an alarm or switching to a different mode.


Smartwatch is pretty much what it sounds like – a watch that you wear, that connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

This very cool accessory lets you answer calls, choose music and read texts, all from the convenience of your wrist.

Smart Wireless Headset Pro

A similar accessory to the Smartwatch, the Smart Headset Pro lets you answer calls and view texts hands free. It’s also a standalone mp3 player and FM radio.