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Sony Reader Store – what you need to know

Reader Store, the online eBook store from Sony, has finally opened its doors in the UK – more than five years after it launched in the US and Canada.

It is good news for any Sony ereader user out there, as they’ve had to previously rely on third-party retailers such as Feed Books and the Gutenberg Project to purchase eBooks.

Sony will be going head-to-head with eBook giant Amazon and its huge Kindle store, as well as Apple’s iBookstore.

It is a slightly delayed opening for Reader Store UK. Initially launched back in 2006 in the US and Canada, the online store was expanded into Japan in 2010.

The UK version was due to open in October last year, but was pushed back until now for reasons only known to Sony.

Multi-purpose Reader Store

“Reader Store is a purpose-built eBookstore that brings UK customers a wide range of local and international eBooks, spanning bestsellers, classics, new authors and more,” Sony has said.

“Offering a simple, dedicated eBook shopping experience, Reader Store also gives the publishing industry an exciting new channel to offer eBook titles to a wider audience.”

Around 100,000 eBooks will be available to purchase in the online outlet, as well as magazines and daily newspapers. All eBooks on the store are in the industry standard ePub format, meaning they can be viewed on devices other than Sony ereaders.

Reader Store expansion

“Expanding Reader Store will allow us to offer a new, convenient way for readers in all countries it serves to discover and enjoy the books and periodicals they want to read,” Sony executive Fujio Noguchi said last year.

“We will of course continue to enhance existing Reader Store services, while simultaneously introducing it in new markets, to deliver a compelling digital reading proposition as widely as possible.”

You can access the store via any internet browser, but to download eBooks you’ll need dedicated apps for Mac and PC – a little annoying but better than nothing.

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