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Sony PS4 – The Latest Rumours Assessed

The next-gen console rumour mill has been gaining traction for a while now, with juicy rumours surrounding the Xbox 720 and Nintendo Wii U.

It is has been disappointment and delight in equal measure so far. We were very pleased to hear that the Nintendo Wii U is now due for release towards the end of this year, but according to some reports it won’t be any more powerful than the current generation of Xbox or Playstation.

As for the Xbox 720, where do we begin? Some reports had suggested we might get a first look the next-gen console at E3 this year.

But rumours now abound that we’ll be seeing an Xbox ‘Lite’ instead, possibly delaying the Xbox 720’s release by a couple of years.

One gaming manufacturer we haven’t heard much from is Sony, and its next generation console – the Playstation 4. But the rumour mill is never one to disappoint, delivering a fresh batch of hearsay just when we’d forgotten all about the PS4.

The latest round of salacious gossip comes from gaming blog Kotaku – giving us a number of interesting claims. So what are the latest rumours, and are they to be believed?

Sony PS4 Name

It seems that pretty much every tech company is intent on ditching the numbered names these days. First there was the ‘new iPad’, and then Microsoft’s codename for the next Xbox was announced as Durango.

And now Sony is apparently getting in on the act, giving the PS4 the working title of ‘Orbis’. We’re not sure if this is a codename or the actual title – either way, we’re not sure we like it.

Sony PS4 HD?

The most interesting part of the report from Kotaku concerned the console’s HD capabilities. It is claimed that the PS4 will be capable of super-HD, outstripping any HD TV currently on the market.

The console is rumoured to capable of resolutions up to an incredible 4096 x 2160. It seems unlikely now, but when the PS4 is finally released it could be a possibility.

PS4 to Block Used Games?

Another piece of speculation in the report was that age-old rumour that a new console will block any second-hand games, or games from a previous generation console. But it’s very unlikely.

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