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Sony PS4 release date not until 2015 or 2016?

The next-generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony have been the subject of debate amongst gamers for some time now, yet we are still no closer to knowing when we’ll see them.

For the time being, the Xbox 720 and PS4 exist solely in gamers’ imaginations as we wait patiently for any news from Microsoft or Sony.

Of course, it’s likely that both consoles do exist in real life – in depths of the tech giants’ headquarters, closely guarded by mythical trolls.

Reports are suggesting that Microsoft may unleash the Xbox 720 from its secret lair in time for Christmas next year. But if you’re more of a Playstation person, you may be waiting a bit longer.

Sony PS4 release date

We know the PS4 is going to be great, how could it not be? What we care about now is when we’ll be able to test this greatness.

  • Sony PS4 concept art

Microsoft got a major head start on Sony when the current generation of consoles launched, so you’d think that Sony would be keen to avoid a similar situation this time around.

Yet the Japanese manufacturer recently stated that it will be offering support for the PS3 until 2015, which could push the PS4’s launch back until then.

Of course it’s feasible that Sony will launch the PS4 and still offer PS3 support, but the fact that it’s just released a new PS3 model shows it’s not done with its current generation by a long way.

Sony pushing PS3 for years to come

It seems that Sony is more excited about the PS3’s prospects for the next few years than it is about any next-gen machine, as an interview with John Koller suggested.

Sony’s Vice President of Hardware said in an interview with tech site Gamespot that “over the next two to three years, the PS3 has got an incredible lineup.”

He also said that Sony is not looking to its competitors when it comes to making decisions. So regardless of when the Xbox 720 comes out, we could be waiting for quite a while for another Playstation.

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