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Sony PS Vita: will it be a success over here?

The week we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Gamers everywhere are gearing up for the release of one of the most exciting consoles in recent gaming history.

That’s right; Sony’s PS Vita is just two days away! The handheld has been a long time coming, having been released in Japan towards the end of last year.

After months of talking about it, watching the game trailers, and generally holding our breath in anticipation, the Vita is finally in sight.

There’s no doubting that the PS Vita is an excellent piece of gaming kit, but will its credentials turn into commercial success?

Or is Sony going to struggle by entering an already over-crowded mobile market? Here are a couple of the arguments for and against the Vita’s success.

The Ps Vita will not be a success

Even if something is good, it will not necessarily be a success. The Vita is very good, but it is coming to the market when smartphone gaming is really coming into its own.

Hardcore gamers will say there is still no comparison between the quality of games on the Vita and those on a smartphone, and that’s true.

But Sony is asking people to shell out more than £250 (for a 3G model) – a price that could prove just that little bit too high for many people.

The PS Vita will be a success

If the PS Vita does not sell well over here, then it’ll be no fault of Sony’s. The gaming giant has been maintaining the handheld’s hype for months now.

There have been some trailers for the awesome-looking games, a fantastic advert for the console itself, and a Vita tour – letting fans try out the handheld ahead of the launch.

Yes, it is a lot of money for yet another mobile device. But it does so much more than give you great gaming on the go. With 3G connectivity, some great apps (with surely more to follow) and PS3 compatibility, the Vita will look like a bargain to a lot of people.