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Sony PS Vita launches in Japan

Sony’s latest handheld games console, the PS Vita, has been unleashed in Japan. The hype surrounding the new piece of gaming kit has been growing steadily for months, and the tech-mad nation has finally got its hands it.

So far, sales figures for the PS Vita have been very positive, with reports of just over 300,000 sold in the first two days.

It sounds like an impressive figure, but Sony is likely to be cautious with its optimism. The new handheld failed to beat the record set by the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year, which sold over 370,000 in Japan in its first two days.

And given that the 3DS has since enjoyed a somewhat mixed bag in terms of sales since then, Sony will be holding their breath until the worldwide release.

But the sales figures are in-line with what Sony had predicted, although they had at least hoped for better sales having increased the Vita’s availability from 500,000 to 700,000 units.

But no one is sounding the death knoll quite yet. The PS Vita has out-stripped the sales of Sony’s last handheld console, the PSP – which sold around half the amount of the Vita in its first two days on sale.

PS Vita hardware problems

Despite the reassuring initial sales, it has not been an entirely smooth ride for the Vita so far. Some buyers have been complaining of faults with their new toy.

There have been complaints of stains on the screen, malfunctioning touch screens, and frozen consoles. Some unlucky users couldn’t even boot-up their console when it was fresh out of the box.

But a couple of niggles here and there are to be expected, and overall the launch has gone very smoothly.

The small problems are a blessing in disguise for all of us awaiting the Vita’s release here in the UK, as Sony should have smoothed out any glitches come February.