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Sony PS Vita countdown: top gaming smartphone alternatives

The PS Vita, Sony’s first console offering in years, is nearly here. For many gamers out there, its release date of 22nd February can’t come soon enough.

It is certainly a fantastic piece of handheld gaming kit, but is there a market for one? The plethora of super-powerful smartphones available these days can give us plenty of on-the-go gaming.

And while these won’t have quite the same capabilities as the PS Vita, there are infinitely more games available (albeit shorter, more causal ones) for a far smaller price. So will people want to shell out for yet another portable device?

Customers in Japan don’t seem to want to, as sales of the Vita in the gaming capital of the world have been disappointing at best.

Of course, that doesn’t mean sales will be poor the world over. But Sony will certainly be holding its breath in the weeks following the Vita’s worldwide release.

Here at Pluggedin, we are never one to knock a new tech release – they are our bread and butter, after all. But which gaming smartphones will the Vita be up against?

Samsung Galaxy Note

This ‘phablet’ (that’s phone and tablet), is a little ridiculous on the display front. With a 5.3 inch screen, it’s easy to feel silly holding this up to your ear.

But when it comes to gaming, the screen is ideal. The on-screen buttons are much easier to press, and the HD super AMOLED display makes games look fantastic.

Sony Xperia Play

We couldn’t talk about gaming smartphones without a look at the Sony Xperia Play – the first Playstation certified smartphone.

With a slide-out control pad, the Xperia Play was made purely for gaming. That means it lacks a little bit in other departments, but for the gamer it’s perfect.

LG Optimus 7

LG has left a lot to be desired with some of its smartphones in the past. But when it comes to gaming, the Optimus 7 is perfect.

Using the Windows Phone 7 OS, the Optimus 7 comes with Xbox Live – giving you access to a host of console-quality games. But at 3.8 inches, the screen may leave you squinting.