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Sony PS Vita countdown: top apps

The PS Vita, Sony’s first new console in what seems like forever, is nearly here. The release date is just under a month away now – so close we can practically taste it.

Maybe we’re getting a little too excited, but any new release from the gaming experts at Sony is worth getting hot under the collar for.

Over in Japan, where the Vita has been on sale for over a month, the honeymoon period is most certainly over.

Sales of the Vita started at an acceptable rate, but have been dropping off pretty consistently ever since. And the Vita had its worst week yet recently, with sales dropping by an embarrassing 57% to fewer than 20,000 units.

But this is not a business website, this is a tech website – any new piece of hardware deserves to be treated with a lot of excitement, no matter how bad sales are.

And with the announcement of new games and apps coming thick and fast, Sony is playing a very clever marketing game. So what are some of the best apps to look forward to on the PS Vita?

Near App

By look of it, this will be one of the most popular apps on the handheld console. Near is basically a social networking app for gamers.

The app will let you connect with other gamers on PSN to share your location and play games. Once you ‘check-in’ to real-life locations, you can find out which games are the highest rated and most popular in your location.

Remote Play App

This one is fairly self-explanatory. The Remote Play app will let you link up your PS Vita and PS3, so you can operate your PS3 with your Vita.

Social networking apps

For all you social networkers out there (pretty much everyone), PS Vita will come with Facebook and Twitter apps, letting you do all the usual social networking things. You can even update your Twitter directly from the Vita without having to quit your game.