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Sony PS Vita Countdown: Most Exciting Game Trailers

It’s nearly here folks; less than one month until the PS Vita goes on sale here in the UK. Sony’s first console release in years, the PS Vita can’t come soon enough.

The excitement amongst gamers has been building ever since the PS Vita was unveiled last year and released in Japan.

We’ve had to sit here twiddling our thumbs while our lucky Japanese friends enjoy Sony’s latest handheld, but the wait is nearly over.

Sales of the PS Vita may not have been to Sony’s liking, but that hasn’t dampened the hype in Europe and the US.

Last year we brought you the trailers for some of the most exciting games on the Vita. And with the console’s release just weeks away, we thought we’d bring you some more.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Due for release in March, this is easily one of the most exciting upcoming games for the PS Vita. Also released on the PS3, Doctor Who fans are sure to snap this up in their thousands.

With a brand new storyline starring the Doctor and River Song (with voices from the stars of the series), The Eternity Clock takes players on an adventure through time and space.

Rayman Origins for PS Vita

Everyone’s favourite limbless character is making his way to the PS Vita. And judging from the trailer, Rayman’s world is as vibrant and colourful as ever on the handheld.

With more than 100 characters and 60 vibrant levels, this is set be a wonderfully immersive game. And there are a couple of blasts from the past to keep fans happy.

F1 2011 for PS Vita

A few racing games are due to appear on the PS Vita, but F1 2011 is sure to be one of the best. Featuring all the official teams, drivers and circuits from the 2011 season, F1 2011 will not disappoint.

You can either play in Time Trial or Grand Prix mode, or battle it out with friends in multiplayer mode for up to four players.