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Sony PS Vita countdown: biggest handheld games of 2011

The gaming industry had another bumper year in 2011, with consoles and games selling in their millions around the world.

And in the UK it was no different, as gamers up and down the country clamoured to get their hands on the latest releases.

We had some great titles on offer on the Xbox 360 and PS3, including the epic Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the hotly-anticipated Modern Warfare 3, as well as the usual FIFA and Pro Evo offerings.

PS Vita just around the corner

But with the release of Sony’s latest handheld console – the PS Vita – just around the corner, what were the most successful handheld games of the last year?

The PS Vita is due for release on 22nd February, and the question on most people’s lips is: what games will we be getting?

Sony has unveiled a range of launch titles, with a mix of first and third party games featuring on the list. And we can expect more and more releases as time goes on.

But which games fared best in the handheld market in 2011? It’s worth considering, as it could give us an insight into what we can expect on the PS Vita.

Top handheld games of 2011

The top spots for the Sony PSP were, unsurprisingly, taken by FIFA 12 and FIFA 11, coming in first and second place respectively.

And as no console would be complete without a football game, we have one for the PS Vita in the shape of FIFA Soccer.

Also making the 2011 PSP games chart were couple of big driving games. Motorstorm: Arctic Edge and Gran Turismo both made the top five.

So far, we’ve only had confirmation of Motorstorm RC on the PS Vita, but a Gran Turismo title for the Vita will surely make an appearance at some point.