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Sony PS Vita countdown: best mini-games

Gamers everywhere are talking about it, it’s trending all over the internet, and we’ve started having dreams about playing it. The PS Vita hype is reaching boiling point.

The specs are straight out of the top drawer, and the Vita’s vast collection of features all work perfectly on this exciting new device.

As we’re sure you’re aware, the Vita is released on 22nd February – less than two weeks away. And judging by the hype, the Vita will be a runaway success.

We’ve already taken a look at some of the biggest games across a range of genres. But when it comes to on-the-go gaming, even the most hardened of gamer wants to take a break from F1 driving or trekking through Central America sometimes, and play a mini-game or two.

And Sony has once again not let us down, with a several mini-game titles to play when we’re popping on the bus into town. So what can we expect?

Little Deviants

The more serious titles for the Vita have made cautious use of the handheld’s controls, trying to keep things as simple as possible. Not so with Little Deviants, which makes full use of every aspect of the Vita’s control functionality.

Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on the type of gamer you are. But even those who love touchscreen controls a-la gaming apps will get a little frustrated with the endless swiping and tapping.

Froshiber Says

Part of the Vita’s Discovery Apps series, Froshiber Says is also designed to show just exactly what the handheld is capable of.

With more than 50 games using everything from the rear touchpad to the camera and even face-detection technology, Froshiber Says is a wholly unique and truly enjoyable game.


Another Discovery Apps game, t@g uses the Vita’s augmented reality software to let you become a virtual graffiti artist.

This game let’s you develop your career as a graffiti artist, and as you progress you can t@g bigger and better things – a very cool game.