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Sony PS Vita – all you need to know

Gamers everywhere, rejoice! It has been months of waiting and dreaming, but the Sony PS Vita is finally available to buy in stores!

It seems like a lifetime ago that we were watching Japan closely, to see how this very impressive handheld fared in one of the gaming capitals of the world.

And while sales may not have been quite to Sony’s liking, that didn’t stop us from getting very excited about the Vita over here.

Many of us have already tried our hand at the Vita, either in selected shops or as part of the Vita’s tour of the country. But that doesn’t quite compare to taking it home and playing it for yourself.

And that time has now come – the time for talking is over, the time for playing anywhere and everywhere has begun.

We’ve been following the Vita’s progress over the past couple months, looking at every scrap and morsel of news and information we can. And now that it’s here, we’ve condensed it into one handy bite-sized guide.

PS Vita specs

The power of the Vita still impresses us, and we’ve been looking at it for months! With decent specs both inside and out, the Vita really packs a punch. Check out the specs here.

Best-looking and most exciting PS Vita games

One of the most exciting aspects of the Vita’s launch is the wealth of games that are immediately available.

Some of the most exciting games include FIFA Soccer, Little Big Planet and, of course, Uncharted: Golden Abyss. You can check out the trailers here, or take a look at the best-looking games here.

Best apps on the PS Vita

The Vita is not just about gaming, far from it. As well as great games, Sony has given us some cool apps to be getting on with. Check out what the Vita has in the way of apps here.

Will the PS Vita be a success?

The Vita has set the tech and gaming worlds alight, but its cool features and impressive specs won’t necessarily translate into strong sales. Find out if the Vita will be a success here.