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Sony, Motorola, LG… best Android alternatives to Samsung Galaxy S3

There is no doubt that Google’s Android is king of the smartphone market, with the hugely successful operating system being adopted by literally hundreds of devices.

With so many different smartphones running the various versions of Google’s software, you’d have thought that it almost doesn’t matter which one to go for.

But of course it does matter. Any Android user will tell you there are vast contrasts between different Android phones, something that has been proved by Samsung’s deft use of the OS.

The likes of the Galaxy S2, the Nexus and the Note have secured Samsung place at the top of the Android pile. And Samsung’s next offering, the Galaxy S3, is just around the corner.

But we like to keep things fair at Pluggedin, and give some other Android devices a chance to have their say. So what are the best Android alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Sony Xperia S

When it comes to looks, Sony really knows what it’s doing. And the super sleek, very sexy Xperia S is no different. With a 4.3 inch LED backlit display, and 1.5GHz processor, this could a great alternative to the Galaxy S3.

Due for release in March, the Xperia S is unfortunately only running Android Gingerbread – but we should be getting an ICS update before too long.

Motorola Motoluxe

Motorola isn’t known for its pretty phones, but the Motoluxe is a decent effort. With a feel of the Galaxy Note about (although a bit smaller), the Motoluxe is a great first-time Android.

The Motoluxe is also running Android Gingerbread, and features an 800MHz processor, 512 RAM and 1GB ROM. Not exactly cutting-edge stuff, but well worth considering.

Prada Phone by LG

That’s right, a Prada phone is being released by LG. Billed as the world’s most stylish smartphone, the LG Prada Phone is pure fashion.

With a leather look and feel, this 8.5mm thick device has a dual core processor and 8MP camera. It is also upgradable to Android ICS.