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Sony MDR ZX300 Headphones

Sony MDR ZX300 Headphones

Rating: ★★★★☆


The Sony MDR ZX300 headphones look pretty classy and from side on, appear elegant and sleek. The flexible headband comes with extendable hinges to accommodate for different head sizes and ensure a really comfortable, snug fit.

The ZX300 headphones are available in four different colour schemes which include, black and silver, black and blue, dark red and light red and white and silver.

Furthermore, Sony have added swivelling ear pieces as well as cushioned ear pads for extra comfort. This is something I wouldn’t expect to find on a set of headphones in this price range. Having said that, the cushions could have been made a bit thicker as I found my ears started to hurt after wearing them for an hour or so.

The ZX300s feel extremely lightweight and didn’t put too much pressure on my head like some other over ear headphones I’ve tested. They don’t grip too much, but I found they still made a snug fit over my ears.

The build quality didn’t appear to be the best, mainly due to the fact the most of the materials used are plastic, although they don’t feel cheap by any means. They do feel slightly flimsy and could probably benefit from a strip of metal in the headband to make them more durable.

As such, I think I’d be slightly concerned about how they’d fair if used heavily. The fixtures are reasonable and the ear cushions felt quite luxurious, even if these aren’t the strongest headphones I’ve ever seen.


The cables are of good quality being thick and flat meaning minimal tangling. Another bonus is the length of the cables at 1.2m which is more than long enough for most uses but not too long to get caught up or trip on.

They attach to both headphones which some people may not like, possibly preferring them to attach to only one ear piece. I also liked how the wiring was reinforced where they join the earpieces, unlike other headphones in this price range and normally result in splitting or coming loose over a period of time.


As to be expected at this price, these headphones don’t come with noise cancelling facility so if you are looking for a set that offer this, then these wont be for you. Even though they are over ear headphones, because they don’t fit completely snug over your ears, I did find there was a little bit of sound leakage.

Having said that, the overall sound quality from highs, mid-tones and deep bass were surprisingly good with rich warm tones.


  • Elegant Design
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-tangle cables


  • Sound leakage


For an entry level price tag, The MDR-ZX300 headphones are not only capable of reproducing a decent range of sound that others in this price range and probably twice the price cant do as well, they look and feel great too.

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