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Sony Launch Wireless Walkman that Supports iTunes

The A860, S760 and E460 are the latest Walkmans from the Sony production line. With a curvaceous new design and long life battery, Sony claim that the dream of extended listening hours is now a reality.

The best news is that the A860 and S760 models introduce streaming via Bluetooth to wireless headphones, compatible speaker docks, car audio head units and other devices.

The A860 has Bluetooth connectivity on Walkman and the S760 also uses wireless for sharing personal photos with compatible mobile phones.

Aside from the wireless features, all three new models come supplied with MediaGo software for easy drag-and-drop transfer of music, videos and photos from Windows Explorer or iTunes.

The Walkman A860 is also loaded with five Clear Audio Technologies. The new generation S-Master MX digital amplifier technology by Sony reduces noise levels and distortion still further, ensuring that your favourite tunes sound better than ever. With a generously-sized 2.8″ LCD touch-screen it also gives an excellent view of your photos, videos and album artwork.

Sony Walkmans: Innovative Models & Innovative Features

Sony’s innovative SensMe technology automatically categorises music tracks into different channels, which makes it easier to create themed music channels. Karaoke Mode is another fun feature which the new models have in common. It has an intriguing language learning function as well.

With five different series and constant upgrades, Sony Walkmans have the ability support the most popular sound, image and file types currently available. The ability to take music from Apple’s iTunes, also suggests that Sony are looking to appeal to all consumers and music fans, something that could soon see the iconic range gain in popularity among consumers.