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Sony Launch New VAIO Z Series Laptop

The latest addition to Sony’s VAIO Z Series notebook has been launched and is set to make waves throughout the laptop world as the company focus firmly on high performance.

With features including up to 256GB worth of storage, a unique Power Media dock and Quick boot for faster service, the new Sony Vaio Z Series is sure to turn the heads of laptop aficionados everywhere. The portable laptop also puts the focus on ease of movement weighing just 1.15kg and registering just 16.65mm in width.

If that is not enough for you it also offers terrific visual quality in the form of a display premium screen with a resolution of 1600×900. The additional HD web camera is another one of the more exciting advantages with this product as it is ideal for anyone with a busy working lifestyle. As Sony state, the camera offer technology involved offers “crisper, clearer conferencing and web chats, even in lowlights.”

It really is a good addition to the market, with Sony keen to boast that the new Z Series offers “more power, more mobility and more style.” It certainly has a great deal to live up to but for the most part, it delivers on its promises.

New Sony Vaio Z Series: The Details

The power media dock also gives it a unique angle as well, offering the ability to handle extensive graphic tasks and the ability to drive op to 3 external monitors. This makes it a key innovation for anyone involved in the world of design, science or finance.

If your profession requires you to put together numerous presentations, experiments or slideshows, the new Z Series is the ideal tool. Combining high quality visual features with straightforward navigation and extensive camera technology, it can enhance your working life to the point where you may one day wonder how you got along without it.

The new VAIO Z Series is perfect for the modern professional who is looking for the necessary technology to aid them in their busy personal and professional life.