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Sony Introduce Two New DAB Radios

Sony have introduced two new DAB radios that combine all the modern technology of digital, with the cool retro designs of the wireless age.

In the days of iPads, iPods and laptops there are loads of options available when it comes to listening to music, but if you want that listening-to-the-radio-feel that you can only really get from a radio player, Sony’s new retro DAB radios are about as stylish as they come.

sony dab radio

The Sony DAB XDR-S16DBP portable radio has a great wood finish to keep in trend with the 1970s styles currently hitting the shops. The elegant looking natural rounded wooden cabinet for the DAB radio is simple to use and only has a few controls.

Operating FM frequencies as well as digital and DAB+, the retro look radio keeps up to date by offering all available stations in your area and beyond. The radio features a LCD display to provide clear details of the station you’re listening to. It also has a sleep timer to switch off the radio and save power, should you decide to nap in the sun!

And if your loud hardcore happy house trance music isn’t to everyone’s tastes then there’s a headphone jack so you can listen (or rave) without disturbing others.

The portable retro radio is the first micro radio from Sony that offers DAB+ which offers better sound quality that DAB. This radio is also AC-powered.

New Sony DAB Clock Radio

Sony have also introduced a new micro radio digital alarm clock.

sony dab radio

The XDR-C706DBP clock radio could be a smart addition to your bedroom.

The DAB and DAB+ radio, which also has the option of FM frequencies, has some great sleep easy features. Should you fancy a lazy Sunday lie in, the radio has a snooze button and sleep timer.

However if you find yourself oversleeping all the time the alarm has up to four separate alarm settings, something that comes in very handy if you and your partner have to get up at different times in the morning.

Both models offer 10 presets for DAB and DAB+.