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Sony halts Xperia Tablet S sales after fault found

Just a month after the launch of its latest Android tablet, Sony has stopped sales of its Xperia tablets after question marks over the tablet’s water resistant claims.

The company discovered gaps between the screen and case, meaning that some the devices were susceptible to water damage.

According to Sony spokeswoman Noriko Shoji, the defect was the result of a manufacturing flaw at a Chinese plant where the device is produced. She added the company had not yet made a decision on when it will resume sales.

Sony has sold 100,000 of its Sony Xperia Tablet S across the globe since its debut on 7 September in the US, and the company has pledged to fix any tablets sold.

Although Sony has said that the recall won’t put a dent in its profits, it may run the risk of doing some damage to the Xperia brand, which also includes a range of smartphones.

Sony Xperia Tablet S specs and features

Poor water resistance aside, the Xperia Tablet S is an impressive turn by the Japanese manufacturer with decent specs and plenty of features.

This includes a NVIDIA Tegra 3 mobile quad-core processor, storage options up to an impressive 64GB, as well as the addition of a microSD card slot to push the boundaries of storage even further.

This is in addition to a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 and two cameras, a 1MP at the front, and an 8MP at the rear.

Sony Xperia Tablet S: Does it have a future?

Reviews of the Xperia Tablet S haven’t been altogether glowing, with grumbles over Wi-Fi connectivity and flickering screens. However, the tablet has been praised for its sharp screen and high-quality design.

With price tags of around £329 (Wi-Fi only) and £420 (for 3G + Wi-Fi), the tablet certainly doesn’t come cheap. However, providing Sony’s damage control goes to plan it may still stand a chance of succeeding in the market.

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