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Sony Ericsson Launch Xperia Mini

Mobile phone giants Sony Ericsson have announced two new next generation Xperia minis.

The small and compact smartphones include the Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro.

The new Xperia mini is the world’s smallest HD video recording smartphone. The mini pro offers extra fast messaging in a compact smartphone with an ergonomic keyboard.

They are the latest additions to the Xperia family. Earlier this year Sony Ericsson released the long awaited PlayStation gaming smartphone Xperia.  Both next generation minis have scratch resistant touch screens and run on the Google Gingerbread 2.3 android operating system. As part of their growing BRIVA technology, Sony Ericsson has given the new Xperia mini and mini pro reality display with mobile BRIVA engines.

The Xperia mini is just 88 x 52 x 16mm and the Xperia mini pro is slightly larger and heavier at 92 x 53 x 18mm.

Despite its small size the Xperia mini can hold up to 16 apps in the corner of your 3 inch home screen and the 5 megapixel camera films in high definition.

The Xperia mini pro allows users to have a video call and with its brand spanking new QWERTY keyboard it also features handwriting recognition technology, where as the Xperia mini does not.

And for all you Facebook lovers, you never have to be offline with the Facebook inside feature on the Xperia mini & mini pro.

This comes as Sony Ericsson also unveiled their Facebook insider Xperia integration making Facebook instantly accessible from all areas of the phone. Facebook inside will also be available for the Xperia Play. You will now be able to view your smartphone photo gallery and Facebook album at the same time in one space. When listening to music included on the player your will have the chance to like a song whilst listening to it.

Both of the next generation Xperia mini’s have access to the 150,000 strong android app market and face recognition technology, red eye reduction, smile detection and video light. The funky miniatures are available in snappy colours such as pink, blue, black and white.