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Sonos – The wireless hi-fi system

The wireless hi-fi system streams all the music on earth in every room…

  • Start with one player connected to your router, and then you can expand the system wirelessly everywhere.
  • One room, one player. It’s as simple as that. Connect your first device to a router and play all of your music.
  • Don’t want music where your router is? Connect a BRIDGE to send a wireless signal to any player, anywhere in your home.
  • Add more players to any room and play them together in stereo.
  • Also add players to as many rooms as you please. All linked wirelessly, all controlled from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Already have a stereo or home theater that you love? Use the ZonePlayer 90 and let it stream all the music on earth.
  • Set up a ZonePlayer 120 with your favorite speakers to add them to your SONOS system.
  • Control your zones to play different music in every room.
  • Play one song throughout your entire home in perfect synchronization.

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SONOS Services

Your library, music services and more than 100,000 free radio stations, podcasts and shows, blasting off the walls of every room.

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