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Sonic to Make Appearance on Next-Gen Consoles

Sonic, everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog, could be hanging up his red trainers, for the time-being at least.

Makers Sega have revealed that it has no plans to release any more Sonic 4 titles beyond the long-awaited next title, Episode II.

While we may not see any more Sonic 4, Sonic’s developers have said that he will be making an appearance on the next generation of consoles.

No more Sonic 4

“We are looking forward to hearing the feedback from the users for Episode II, but we are currently not planning to release another episode,” Takashi Iizuka told tech website Digital Spy.

The game’s producer went on to say that Sega will be biding its time before the next Sonic title, saying: “We just want to see how the users accept this episode.”

Sonic 4 is a download-only title, the first episode of which was released back in 2010. The next episode is due for release later this year – we’re counting the minutes.

But before Sonic fans everywhere begin the mourning period, Takashi Iizuka has said that Sonic will be back – and he’ll be bigger, better, and much faster.

Next-gen Sonic

The producer has told Eurogamer that the lightning-fast hedgehog will be making an appearance on the next generation of consoles.

“I’m interested in the challenge of doing something completely new with the 3D Sonic’s forward view platform action, and bringing something new to the table with that,” he said.

“I feel Sonic is the right fit because it is that kind of family experience game. I do feel Wii U is applicable to Sonic. But how we will apply using the controller to Sonic is something we’re still thinking about at the moment.”

We didn’t need another reason to start getting excited about the next-gen consoles that are slowly winging their way towards us, but Sega have certainly given us one. What are you waiting for Nintendo?