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Soldiers, Spies, Spotify and Sci-Fi: Today’s Top Tech News

Looking to see what the big news stories in the world of technology are today, Thursday 1 December? Read on to find out more about Spy codes, Spotify, Call of Duty Elite and Rayman.

Crack the Code to Become a Spy

Perhaps the big tech story today is the announcement that GCHQ – the government department behind MI5 and MI6 – or ‘the spy-guys’ to most of us, are using Facebook and Twitter to look for new recruits. While most of us think of spies as looking and acting like James Bond, the reality is more akin to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg it seems – as the agency are looking for those who can crack an online code. Fancy a go at becoming a spy? Check out

Call of Duty Elite

Think you are up to speed on everything you need to know about the gaming phenomenon that is Call of Duty? Think again. News out now suggests that Call of Duty: Elite with lots of mobile apps and social media options could be expected to launch this week! You read it here first, so why not watch the trailer?

Spotify Go App

Excuse the pun, but it looks like Spotify are following the likes of Apple and Facebook and opening up their service to apps. Big news for app developers everywhere, as well as consumers who look set to benefit from some great new applications, especially seeing as Facebook and Spotify have recently teamed up to allow Spotify to be streamed via the social network.

Rayman is Back

We announced this earlier this week, but it seems to be back on the horizon today – Rayman is back! Ubisoft’s ever popular limbless character has returned to our consoles for Rayman Origins. Available on Xbox, Wii, and PS3, Rayman Origins is a happy return to simple platform gaming, and is a refreshing respite from the Christmas onslaught of heavy shoot ‘em ups and RPGs.

As you may have guessed, Rayman Origins takes us back to the early times of Rayman himself. Set in the Glade of Dreams, Origins takes us on a journey to save Rayman’s world.