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Skyrim, Arkham City, GTA… best game cheats to use this Christmas

Christmas is very nearly upon us, and under many people’s Christmas tree this year is likely to be a large, Xbox or PS3 shaped gift, along with lots of little game-shaped presents.

The excitement of getting a new console for Christmas turns us all into kids again, jumping up and down in pure excitement.

But that excitement can wear off pretty quickly if you get stuck on a level in your new game. Games are a unique form of entertainment: if you aren’t good at it, you don’t get to play it all.

So game developers have been kind enough to give us cheats. For the more moral gamer, using cheats is simple not an option, but for the rest of us they a lifeline to more enjoyment.


The Grand Theft Auto series is notorious for some great cheats. Aside from getting all the weapons the game has to offer, or a cleared wanted level, there is a raft of other cool cheats available.

To access cheats on GTA 4, simply go to Niko’s mobile phone feature, and turn on the keypad. Then enter codes into the phone to activate cheats. One of our favourites is the floating motorbike, which you can spawn by dialling 9385550150 on the phone.

Batman: Arkham City

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2009’s Arkham Asylum is a truly fantastic game, winning critical acclaim and commercial success.

There is a bunch of cool cheats to try out on Arkham City, from new skins to accessing secret rooms and new levels. But one of the funniest is ‘big head mode’.

To enable this cheat, get out the Cryptographic Sequencer, then hold R1 and L1 and rotate the right-hand joystick clockwise ten times.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The latest Elder Scrolls title has been another big success story this year, transporting gamers to its mystical world in an epic fantasy game.

Cheats are harder to come by on this game, with many gamers instead finding glitches to exploit. For example, if you are exploring with companions, they are able to hold an infinite amount of items as long as you ask them to pick them up, very handy if you’re running out of space!