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Skype Crash for Second Time Affects A ‘Small Number  of Users’

“A small number of you may have problems signing in to Skype” said the Skype team on their Twitter page after a crash happened today at about 12 noon. But the downtime is likely to have affected millions worldwide.

Skype say on their status update that the reason of the crash is due to a configuration problem. They claim to be addressing the problem which will result in users automatically being reconnected without needing to log in manually.

However, many turn to twitter to vent their frustrations with the service. One twitter user, commented on Skype downtime “How am I supposed to know if I’m online if I can’t see my skype green icon lit up?”

Skype has 663 million global users also a staggering amount will not be able to get online due to the current crash. One person tweeted that Skype is working for them but ‘only shows 2 million people (verses the usual 27+ million)”. This illustrates the severity of the crash causing millions still to not get online.

The crash has prevented subscribers across Europe and Asia from using the service, but things appear to be fine in the USA.

This is the second time the network has been down in the last 2 weeks. The previous failure happened on May 26th which occurred at 12.15pm UK time. After a software update the Skype desktop software crashed worldwide cutting off users for at least 2 hours.

Skype was recently bought by leading tech giants Mircosoft for $8.5 bn (£5.2bn) making it Micrsoft’s largest ever purchase. Following rumours that Google and Facebook were also interested in buying the company. Once the deal closes later this year after the transitional time Skype will become its own division at Microsoft.

One twitter stated what must be on Micrsoft’s mind today , “Skype goes down globally again, Microsoft starts wondering if it bought wisely. ”