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Sky Anytime+ = Worth the money?

Sky Anytime+

Rating: ★★★★☆

Is it the best thing since sliced bread – No.

Now that we’ve got that question done and dusted, let us ask ourselves the important questions. Does it do what it should? – On the basis that for me, it does it all wirelessly, it does it. (so tick number 1).

It’s painless (and foolproof – tick number 2).

Have you got the full package? (we have 2 young children, so films are a must). I can imagine that unless you have a particular requirement, then it could be deemed superfluous, but if you have the full package then it’s a no brainer (£60 for the wireless option considered.)

Bad points – (I understand, but could be wrong (and couldn’t care less) there is no 3D (how will we ever survive!!!) More importantly, HD. I appreciate that this takes up bandwidth, but Sky have already paid for the licence, so let those who are already paying the best part of £100 per month wait a few more minutes and have their films/docs/etc available for download in Hi (ish) Def.


  • Ability


  • HD


A winner but there’s still work to be done……..