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Siri now works on iPhone 4

Siri promised to be one of the best features on the recently launched Apple iPhone 4S, letting us all talk to our phones to ask questions and seek answers.

Siri offers us the chance to treat our phones like little electronic butlers. It currently only works with the iPhone 4S, but given it’s popularity – and the fact that it is based on a previous app for the iPhone, many attempts by developers to hone the new voice activated software for use on earlier iPhones have developed.

And, now it looks like this has finally been achieved!

Without getting too techy, the hard part about the process is not so much about getting the software to work on older iPhones, but in getting the software to speak to Apple servers when in use on an iPhone 4, iPod touch or even an iPad.

One innovative iPhone app developer has reportedly cracked the code necessary to access Siri on an iPhone and iPad. As we reported previously, Steven Troughton-Smith is reported on several influential blogs to have got the Apple servers to communicate with Siri, but the ‘conversation is effectively one-sided.’

That seems to have changed now he’s managed to copy some more files over from the iPhone 4S suggesting that, while he won’t be distributing the code required to make it work, others may do so in the future. It’s worth remembering that this will probably be in breach of Apple copyright, and will involve a lot of work to do something that can be achieved more simply.

Siri on iPod touch and iPad 2

It also opens up the possibility that Siri will become available for both the iPod touch and iPad 2, and we’ve already seen video on YouTube of Siri apparently running on an iPod touch. Who know’s, pretty soon the whole iOS family may get to join the party.

The history of Siri

Siri was originally a standalone artificial intelligence assistant app released for the iPhone 4. The company who built it, also called Siri, had planned to release versions for BlackBerry and Android phones. When the company was bought by Apple in April 2010, work on these alternative platforms stopped.

The iOS app itself was pulled from the App Store before the big iPhone 4S announcement.