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Simon Cowell, Marcus Collins, Rebecca Ferguson – more X-Factor Stars on Twitter

This week it was announced that none other than the ‘Dark Lord’ of X-Factor, Simon Cowell, had finally joined Twitter.

Launched in what many observers have seen as a cynical bid to boost ratings and – hopefully – generate publicity for the X-Factor USA franchise, Simon Cowell is a late arrival to Twitter.

He has so far made just 34 Tweets, but has somehow managed to attract over 500,000 followers. He is only following 21 people. Somewhat predictably most of them are his X-Factor contestants, presenters that work for him, or stars of his other shows like Piers Morgan.

His Tweets are pretty banal and don’t reveal too much about the man himself. Time will tell if he becomes as obsessed as other celebs with Twitter. But check it out for yourself: SimonCowell.

In homage to Simon Cowell’s arrival on Twitter we take a look at a five more X-Factor contestants, past and present, that you may want to follow:

Rebecca Ferguson

Fresh from last weekend’s performance of her new single on the X-Factor show, Rebecca Ferguson – one of the stars of last year’s X-Factor – is set to be a busy bee in the run up to Christmas as she promotes her new single. Find out what she is up to – including some great pics – on her Twitter. She has 306,000 followers.

Marcus Collins

The pint-sized pop sensation of this year’s series is hotly tipped to become one of the next big pop stars, win or lose. Nearly 300,000 people are following Marcus in a bid to get a sneak-peak behind the scenes of the X-Factor show as they prepare each week for the live shows.

Cher Lloyd

Flying high with a new single in the charts, Cher Lloyd is doing well on Twitter. She has nearly 730,000 followers and has had praise from the likes of Perez Hilton for her new album via Twitter.

Planet Jedward

Okay, so they can’t really sing, and you certainly wouldn’t want to be locked in a house with them Big Brother style, but you have to admit that Jedward are pretty entertaining – and that doesn’t stop on Twitter either. If you like Tweets such as: ‘Our phone just fell down the toilet but this could be our last tweet! We are now drying it with a hair dryer! Pray for Our phone!’ – that is.

Matt Cardle

Last year’s X-Factor winner has just short of 500,000 followers. If you want to know where Cardle is and what he is getting up to then following his Twitter profile is undoubtedly the best way to go about it.