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Save the Planet with the Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine

An eco bubble washing machine from Samsung aims to make washing more energy efficient. Perfect for the environment and for those worrying about the increased cost of electricity.

The Eco Bubble washing machine promises to be a stylish addition to the washing machine market, offering exceptional cleaning and fabric care at 30 percent less energy than the limit for an A Energy rated washer.

“Today’s modern families want an easy-to-use washing machine that can take on larger wash loads and reduce their carbon footprint,” said Andrew Jones, Samsung Home Appliances, senior product manager.

“The technology inside the Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine addresses this and incorporates our innovative design to make a truly stunning addition to the most stylish home.”

The new eco washing machine launch is just part of the company’s new portfolio of gadgets and services.

Smart Washing

The washing machine has different programmes so you can adjust the temperature depending on the type of clothes you are washing, to achieve the same glimmering results but at lower settings – with a hot wash washing at just 15°C.

The bubbles are also an important feature as they dissolve the detergent into the water of which air is then injected to produce a rich soapy bed which forms seconds after the cycle begins. Hot water is not needed to aid the cleaning process as the detergent dissolves fully into the water and penetrates clothes four times faster. Up to 70 percent of energy is saved from getting a 40°C wash completed through a 15°C cycle this way, and is also a good way of washing delicate items such as underwear.

You need not worry about the washing machine ‘taking off’ either as some appear to do from intense spinning, vibrations and noise. The Eco Bubble emits a distinct lack of vibration and noise, and their stainless steel exterior makes it built to last.

Typical features of a Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine are:-

  • Spin speed: 1400 rpm

  • Wash load:
    7 kg

  • Wash grade:

  • Energy efficiency grade:

  • Spin efficiency grade: